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Brand New Way to Work Efficiently with the New iPad and iCoat Slim-Y+

Few days ago, I found that OZAKI iCoat Slim-Y+ has new ways to fold and to use for office scenario.

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(OZAKI in Life) Enjoy Gaming in Office with iCoat Slim-Y.

The new iPad’s fascinating Retina display makes me addicted in gaming for sure. Today is Thursday, and I am kind of lazy to work. I found that my boss is not going to get into office, so I start playing game with my favorite new iPad.

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(OZAKI in My Life) I Like Reading with iPad + iCoat Slim-Y.

Since I had the new iPad, I have addicted to the fascinating Retina Display. All the words on iBooks suddenly become so clear and beautiful. For the reason, I stop buying paper books and start downloading e-books on iBooks store.

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(OZAKI in My Life) How Do I Take Pictures by iPhone 4s for Online Auction in Office?

Today, I forgot to bring my professional camera to my office. Nevertheless, I have to take some pictures for my online auction.  Thankfully, I have my iPhone 4S because its incredible 8M pixels camera can help me produce beautiful product pictures for online auction.

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iCoat Bling Bling- Be a Luxurious Cinderella.

Do you like Disney story? That must be the dream world for every little girl. What is your favorite princess role in the Disney world? Cinderella is no doubt the most famous one. She is such an elegant and innocent girl. She is quiet but still can catch others’ attention.

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