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New Arcade Game Review – A Magic Piano Games

There is a music dream in the people’s heart, include me…

I wanted to learn music since I was 7, but no chance to touch any piano key in school life. My friend and I often dream about to have a band belong to us, and enjoy playing music together. Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drum, melody and rhythm told a touching story to me when the music players were grooving.

Now I am still busy for life, and enjoyed music in bar off work, even play some arcade Games such as Guitar Hero. That is a good way to relaxing undoubtedly

I attended the CES 2015 in Las Vegas, and I saw a new arcade game on spot. It is a cool brand that designed lots of cool product, and this small piano game is their latest product for arcade lover.


One day, my friend shared a piano game trailer on my Facebook wall.


It is that small piano game I tried at CES!

After Watching a video Again

I made the order immediately and got it yesterday!


An attractive package design, and it was named Magic piano game!

I expected to open and play it right now!


O!arcade card

There was a small and beautiful card in package, and showed “dare to be “ , just follow the rule and win the small gift in their Facebook page


Small icon on edge of package


It awaked my music soul and image on playing piano. To challenge the Top 10 musician like Bach is an excited thing! And I am available to develop a lightning Finger!


Cool!It was really a delicate piano; I could hold it in my hand!


The Real Piano baking varnish brings a elegant style to me, and it was like a art work !


The Real piano touch feeling!!!



Textured iPhone stand , put iPhone on it to enjoy game .


Then, let me go to App store to install the Tinyband app , and awake this great piano . you can Play with iPhone or iPad.


Run the App and follow the introduction!

Two modes: challenge mode and jukeboxYour can choose any challenge 10 musician or favorite song to play



Just play any song you like from iTunes !


40 known songs you can enjoy, and keep unlocking the next level or get higher score! And you care available to share the accomplishment to friend as well .





If you love to play the real instrument game, maybe you should try this!

Lots of music will be ready for you, and you can choose any song in iTunes to play with the small piano .

Refer to :

O!arcade Tapiano – Magic Piano Game

[] There is a small dream about music in each people’s heart, it may be to learn a musical instrument, play a nice song, or start a band to enjoy a moment that musical beats in brain. The other people love musical arcade game to satisfy the desire for rhythm and melody. The Music is a part of our life, and it is the common language to communicate with friends. Interaction by music makes our life more fantastic. With OZAKI O!arcade Tapiano, it will realize you music dream ,and increases different fun and interaction among you friends .Your life become more colorful , and keeps far away from boring time. Just make music time begin now ! OR302_newsAD OR302_Pro03

O!coat Macaron – A touch of sweetness Announcement


Most of the Youngers want to have an iPhone 6 to make their life more convenient and advanced. They crave to show their new iPhone 6 cases to friend and hope to become unique even fashionable in a group.

O!coat Macaron gives a touch of sweetness to each owner of iPhone, and the vibrant colors that symbolizes youth and vitality will bring you a good mood all day long. Soft touch and lovely style, make you be always unique and eye-catching.




OZAKI O!macworm – Hoody “Yes , I am the Macbook pro-guardian”

What is a ideal sleeve you expect ? 

As a new semester comes , I bought a Mac sleeve for myself .It is ozaki new series product , called Hoody .

I looking for a suitable sleeve from lots of product on the net ,and choose it as my favorite sleeve.

because I think it match the Mac ‘sense , just like that it is designed for Mac, I do not like other sleeves that are

too “complex “and  not Mac style , let me introduce my sleeve to you !

Package ! it will tell you : “Yes ,  I am the Macbook pro guardian”   HaHa


good color combination !


elaborate figure ,  and nice touch from Microfiber surface provides soft touch feeling!

S__3063915   S__3063920

cute ozaki logo


enjoy a  coffee break with it just like you are a person with good sense .


Easy button prevents from slipping out .

the most important  thing , is I can handle my Macbook in one hand as I need it !

S__3063917 S__3063921

leather layer material provide extra protection ,

S__3063919   S__3063922

all in all , the hoody not only provide a good protection but provide a Mac’sense  to you

as a Mac user . You will need a sleeve match your Macbook  in some days

Ozaki Macbook shield – O!macworm Tightsuit Review

We all know about something important that Macbook is “fragile “ because its Aluminum material cover .

Just be afraid ….My Macbook will be scratched or bumped accidently …and I have no awareness of it , as the picture bellowed :

(picture from

To keep its safety at 100 percentage , I was on the net and had comparison between different brands shield , I got Ozaki O!macworm Tightsuit , Now , let me share this with you



Yes! I like the cute pink color , do you? It make me energetic as see it !

0.9 mm , I always enjoy lightness and slim





But to keep the Macbook original shape is the best reason that I choose it

Satin finishing cover will bring no scratch and scuffs to my Mac



Non-slip feet at the buttom of shield .


Someone will get stuck in the embarrasses condition as put it on / off

But I found that is so easy to finish that ! It just only takes2 seconds

The MacBook shield that I use to was not convenient on the corner of cable port , some “bug” always stops me to use MacBook port by bad design.




But now the problem is over , and I have some wine to celebrate that in my house for it excitedly !

if you just  meet the same needs for your Macbook , you can refer to the review

I prefer to the shield that is light, slim but strong protection !

How about you?


  • Functionality: ★★★★★
  • Design: ★★★★☆
  • Price: ★★★☆☆
  • Protection: ★★★★★


Dare to be iPhone Original – OZAKI O!coat Crystal Review

Now ,I realize the real beautiful of iPhone is original texture instead of other cover on it ! 

Recently , my iPhone case was broken in a accident , so I just survey on the net to get one for it .

As a big Apple fans and iPhone users , it is no doubt that I put emphasis on quality of my iPhone case so much , I used to a heavy or “unique” case to protect my iPhone and show it off .

However , I realize that it is a mistake !

Because no users wants to hide the shine of iPhone include me !! 

So I get a Top- rating case on a social media platform by my friends ,

And receive it today !

Package and product make me associate it with a cup of water, invisible and clear !

Ozaki O!coat Crystal


a Card Dare to show , invite me to join fan page , and share my photo , haha , it is a fun brand !


O! card

Open package !! yes , I am sure that it is my ideal iPhone case after hold it in my hands .


 Light and invisible feeling!crystal color ! Combination ! it is suitable for iPhone completely !


Only 0.5mm and 6 g weight, feather-like !


Like a skin of it but do not hide the beautiful and shine of iPhone !

Glossy cover make iPhone more “delicious” and keep original texture

Show your iPhone as much as you can!


To almost apple fans, iPhone texture and shape is kind of art , that is not allowed to change or

destroy it ! I can not agree it more !

 Now with crystal case , it not only protect my iphone appearance like a guardian but show texture and beauty to others ,

Two birds with one stone ! doesn’t it ?

And continue enjoying my iPhone everyday !

Get no sound ? Your essential iPhone Speaker – OZAKI O!coat Zoo+

Does your iPhone often keep ” silent”  in some occasion so that you feel embarrassed  as sharing funny youtube video with friends just like me ?Then you should read my experience for that ! 

Hello !

I am a city mover , and often go out with my friend at weekend to enjoy a picnic or a coffee time , sometimes watch a movie alone at home room on my iPhone screen .

But the weak volume from iPhone always bothers me , I can not hear movie sounds clearly even if tune up to maximum degree . Therefore, I bought a speaker last day and love it so much !! It is ozaki Zoo+,

I love its Rabbit cute ears!!


Zoo+ Package!



Zoo+ got 2012 MacWorld The Best design Award

It is so cool ! I can wait to open it !


product description and notification


my cute speaker comes !


The famous O! Card , invite me to join ozakiverse and share picture with them !


light、portable and “unplugging”


it is made of waterproof material so that I can use it anywhere include bathroom !

34567拷貝 2389拷貝

if stain , just disassemble and wash it !


Combination! It is easy to use , all you have to do is plug &play !


It will amplify your volume of iPhone to 15 dB!! Amazing efficiency And I do not need cable anymore outdoor , or take heavy speaker with me I can take Zoo+ with me anywhere , and enjoy my iPhone watch No worry that hear nothing from iPhone as you share something great to your friend


it can be as my office small dress as well !! Listen your favorite song when you wash dishes !




Get clean again !


Now , I always put it in my bag with my iPhone as I go outside , or take leisure activities at home alone .   convenience and comfortable to use , it solves my problem completely !

And the most important thing is that I can hear”” everything”” from iPhone !!

OZAKI Great design for Apple user O!tool Stylus- R

Up to now ,I have change over 50 styluses and keep looking for durable one which I can use more than six months…

As a iPad heavy user , to have a stylus is a usual thing We use it to draw something we like or control our iPad I used to use many kinds of stylus, so I am kind of good at stylus However, no one could be durable for dlong time use , let alone color & appearance I like . the decrease in sensitivity of stylus usually happens after three-month use,and going to be broken …

未命名  1478872867832

Yesterday, I was online for my iPad new case , and I see a beautiful and unique stylus from ozakivese website .

And i got green one excited ! Open the package, and be attracted to its “special “plastic material touch feeling for me .

“Buy 1 get 3 “is the best reason that I decide to get it , I have replaceable refill to extend my stylus lifetime ,and no more worry about the waste from my wallet frequently ! it is a real good design I think.


I can take the cap of the stylus easily by pulling it off to change refill .

Unlike conventional stylus, OZAKI O!tool Stylus-R comes with colorful tips  just like your cayon. As I use it , I am filled with idea just like a painter !


It is also useful and smooth on the touch pad of MacBook.


It has a three-sided shaft,  easily use and comfortable to hold.


it is sensitive and smooth to use on my iPad screen , To type message effortlessly

is a important thing to me .


Under lots of work , no stylus will cause much inconvenience to me ,It means I have to work for all day in “finger style “.

Now , O!tool stylus R solve my problem at once !

If you get the same problem as me, just try the O!tool stylus R ,You may get a surprise like Columbus who found new island !


OZAKI O!tool Combo Cable review for “Cable Sufferer “

Still keep looking for a durable cable for Apple devices like me ?


It is experience all about apple device cable from a apple heavy user

I decide to share it with you all…

if you have had the same experience as me

I can tell you my suggestion in the review

I used to the apple cable for my device since I was in school , however I can not figure out that how many new cable I have bought ,


20 ?


Um….30 maybe ..

Ok , let stop the miserable issue

Because I have a association about lots of money out from my wallet when it comes to it !!

At the beginning , I want to show you a pictures that you might have ever seen …


( from

As a apple device heavy user , I have to comment that apple cable is “fragile” , they were not durable anymore for some user like me…

Therefore ,it will become the situation as photo above in less than one year .


I found a good cable that is recommended in community, and got it yesterday

It was ozaki combo cable , I feel exciting before open it

333  未命名


444  555

it is designed as two kind of lightning in one, then I can use it between my different device , and never get stuck in messy cable when I go outside .

It is convenient !!! Yaaaaaaa!

Otool Combo Cable Comparison Table_0411-03666 3333

One cable charges different phone of mine ,iPad , iPod , or other Micro-usb device…and so on.

In the other hand, it was very durable to use . Look at the picture below .

0000   Otool Combo Cable Comparison Table_0411-05


Let us compare combo cable with my original cable.

Yes , it is broken one in the picture …


Ozaki combo cable comes to be 20% thicker than apple cable

So it can offer higher degree of durability for me, and I can stop buying new cable for a while finally.


I summarize a simple illustration, just refer to it

Otool Combo Cable Comparison Table_0411-08


Now I do not worry about my cable anymore ,

I guess ozaki combo cable is designed for me haha !


therefore , if you meet the same problem as me , try ozaki combo cable

you will feel exciting and crazy for its useful design !!


iPad case Fashionable over the world

未命名I was not a heavy Idevice users Since before. However I often envy my friends as they played with their iPad, not because of good design about UI and its appearance, neither attractive app games, but great accessories for iPad, sometimes I have desire to get a iPad only for them ! 123 This time I would like to introduce an 2013 hot selling products to you, the Brand comes from Taiwan, it is OZAKI O!coat Travel .Because of them, I often have desire to buy a iPad or iPad mini . There are 11 styles in O!coat Travel series, and each one is designed for each unique city. Namely, you have 11 different features of cities to choose for you iPad cover. It sounds great , doesn’t it?


( From

In O!coat Travel series , classical icons of cities will present to you ,and you will enjoy every icon on O!coat Travel whenever using your iPad, Wow! just like one minute travel around the world without pay for air tickets fee . In order to know more about it, I borrowed one from friends to feel its travel magic, now, let’s check it out in more detail!! OZAKI so cute and special package with cities name !!


opening the packages , I see more details about O!coat Travel , there are light knurling to present the quality of leather, and the cute icons on it show features of each cities , such as the statue of liberty , fifth avenue ,and skyscraper in New York ,and instead of simple way , those Graffito is made in a delicate process , so you can touch its fine and smooth. There are non-slip materials on O!coat Travel back cover, not only increasestexturebut safety in use .


Besides, if you want safer,you will need the black strip . To some girls with smaller palm, it has difficult in holding iPad steadily.Therefore, you can hold it securely by using black strip. It was designed for me completely !

890 07

Combined!! OZAKI O!coat Travel fits with iPad perfectly. O!coat Travel still can be folded as Apple standard smart cover when I need to type E-mail In order to secure iPad , O!coat Travel Y-structure design will make you iPads in safety. Don’t be afraid of challenging the screen with heavy typing or touching, your iPad won’t move an inch, and multi- angles provide you with freedom to stand iPad as you wish .



And the last one is practical wake-up function, just set up your iPad, and it will work as you open the O!coat Travel cover and sleep in close , it is convenience ! Right?




There are still 10 cities selected except New York on O!coat Travel cover , and these countries are the top 10 desirable countries to travelers. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your luggage with O!Coat Travel.


Now , I decide to get a iPad and O!coat travel online !!


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