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Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Case With Cardholder for iPhone 5/5s

Original :

Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket is an extremely thin (0.3mm) and lightweight (9g) case that is made using polypropylene.

The back of the case is leather textured and it has a card holder slot that holds one credit card (at most two). If you don’t like putting your credit card there, you can use it to hold reminders written on small pieces of paper (which is what my mom is doing) and I find that is a great idea! If not you can use it to hold up name cards or your EZ-Link/Octopus/Oyster card.

The package comes with a front screen protector and a microfiber cloth.

The O!coat 0.3+Pocket is available in 4 colours, Brown, Pink, Red, Black and white and is retailing for SGD$38.90 at iStudioEpiCenter andInfinite.

PS: When I heard of the brand Ozaki (Ozakiverse Singapore), I thought it is a Japanese brand, but instead, it is a Taiwanese brand. It is brought in by DigitalHub (Facebook Page), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ban Leong (Facebook Page).

                                  Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Packaging Front


                                  Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Pacakging Back


                                       Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Packaging


                            Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Packaging Contents


                                      Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Back View


                   Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Back View With iPhone 5s


                                        Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Front View


             Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Front View With iPhone 5s


           Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Bottom View With iPhone 5s


                         Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Covers iPhone 5s Bezel


                Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Top View With iPhone 5s


          Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – Left Side View With iPhone 5s


                                Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – With iPhone 5s


                 Ozaki O!coat 0.3+Pocket – With NETS FlashPay Card


OZAKI O!coat 0.3+ Pocket –  Slim light & invisible

ultral slim & light weight with card holder for iPhone 5/ 5s.

Five colors:

  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Black
  • White



OZAKI launches perfect business travel mate exclusively for iPhone 

(Oct 30, 2013)  released a special edition for its O!coat cases, “0.3mm + Pocket”, made exclusively for iPhone5 and iPhone5s. The case, available at retail now, is a perfect gadget for travelers with ultra thinness at 0.3mm and lightness at merely 7.5g, alongside a card holder that can keep credit cards safe and sound.

Understanding just how today’s business people craves for better mobility and readiness, OZAKI designers equip this super light case with an ultra-slim pocket for users to keep their credit cards. The pocket is cleverly designed so the user can pull out the credit card with a thumb. And the thinness and discretion of the card holder make reaching out for a credit card seems so elegant and classy.

The card-pocket feature facilitates the experience of carrying around the new iPhones effortless and safely when on a business trip. Business people on the road now can carry the phone and case alone without having to worry where to keep their credit cards or other important ID cards. This case is indisputably the perfect travel mate for all iPhone5 and iPhone5s users.

Unique Features

  • Slim, Light & Invisible
  • Colorful cases with card holder
  • Ultra Thin 0.3mm polypropylene & Ultra Light 7.5g casing with leather feels invisible but provides strong protection.
  • Standard design complements the original iPhone 5 shape, it looks great and protective.
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • One set includes one invisible Front Screen Protector, one Microfiber cloth
  • Comes in 5 different colors: White Brown, Black, Red & Pink

Further Information

OZAKI Website:

O!Coat Zippy Website:

OZAKI on Facebook:

OZAKI on YouTube:


Buy it on:
Enjoy your new iPhone 5/5 s case! :)

About ozakiverse

OZAKI, a brand that dares to just be. Turing your tools into toys. Mission: OZAKI is the brand for people who are adventurous yet comfortable in their own skin, in the market to personalize their electronics with fun yet functional accessories Company Overview: At OZAKI, we make Apple accessories with an attitude. We don't believe in looking just like everyone else. Or trying too hard to be someone we're not. We want to give people the option to just be. That's why "Dare to Be" is our motto - and like all ways of liberation, it starts in the heard.


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