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What a great birthday gift: O!Coat Wisdom – New OZAKI iPad mini multi-angle case!


Thanks for all my lovely colleagues on last Friday. (Thx Cary, Lesly & Kimi ^__^) I got a new OZAKI iPad mini leather case in O!Coat Wisdom series, and they do know my favorite stuffs in old fashion style. It’s just like a book on my office table, very classic design. LOL

O!Coat Wisdom dictionary design remind me the life when I was a high school student, the days always staying late in Library. After checking online, I just found OZAKI launched several new fascinating iPad mini smart cases last month. Let’s check it out!


“What? I’ve never seen this one for almost 20 years.” What a big surprise gift on my table. It’s fun, haha! I taught that was a trick from my boss, the way on my typo problem on daily mails. We know OZAKI do has a very good quality on their Apple accessory on casing. The new Wisdom series are really interesting, and OZAKI always cares about every detail on the package design.


OK, let’s unbox it. There are several accessories inside the package, including a useful stylus, OZAKI Facebook member card, and user manual.



It looks really fun on OZAKI official Facebook fans page:
People said they always reply soon and the worldwide service is good as well.


OZAKI logo looks fun on the corner side, and the sewing detail is also nice.


Besides dictionary design, the eastern Buddhist illustration and Bible design are nice too.



There is no complexity way for installation. I just insert my iPad mini from the left side and the size is perfect without any problem.


OZAKI leaves a lot of space on the bottom side for iPad mini battery charging.


OZAKI new O!Coat Wisdom series also pay attention on the vertical part. Just like a real book.


Let OZAKI stylus become your finger. Writing faster then ever~ (It’s free)


OZAKI O!Coat Wisdom not only fits with my new iPad perfectly but also can be folded as Apple standard smart cover when I need to type E-mail. Red meets Blue is super fantastic.


The camera hole of O!Coat Wisdom is also matched with iPad mini. The rubber stoppers on the cover are convenient to make the standing iPad mini in different angles.



O!Coat Wisdom has grey color with inside flannel design, and its soft material can prevent my iPad mini from scratches. In the inside of the case, there are 2 elastics for holding the body.


Honestly, it could be the best powerful dictionary that I have never had before.



It’s light and also convenient to hold it on one hand. O!Coat Wisdom has very simple design in red and it does make my iPad mini as a book for me to enjoy reading novels on bus!



OZAKI O!Coat Widsom is the most versatile iPad mini smart case and a complete solution with 3 iconic designs for worldwide widsom. Just make your believe sincerely on your mind with OZAKI O!Coat Wisdom:

(1) Bible (black & white)
(2) Buddhist Scripture (light brown & red)
(3) Dictionary



Believe in Wisdom! OZAKI iPad mini multi-angle case with stylus.

The world shocked again by iPad mini born and it attract more people start to follow Apple. This compact and beautifully device provides variety of usage and users always can put it in the right position in theirs’ life. OZAKI launches O!Coat Wisdom iPad mini multi-angle case with stylus, which designs with delicate touch leather and brand in golden words. In this time, your iPad mini would become to a part of collection in National library.

Six mortal come from different place and open the gate of OZAKI WIDSOM LIBERAY. It’s a spectacular library and it just like a golden palace. They explore and pick up the books which they are interested in, such as Bible which the prayer advocates, Sutra which the believer follows, the dictionary which linguist call it as law, the love story which novelists’ most favor, the sheet music which musician sees it as live and the universe chronicle which astronomers most love to. They turn on the iPad mini – OZAKI Wisdom which contains unlimited knowledge, hereafter they go to different way with their knowledge and then success follows to them. Finally, they become the giant in every field.


  • Flexible cover folds to function as a convenient stand
  • Front and Back protection
  • Adjustable Multi-angle viewing mode for landscape view
  • With stylus holder
  • Stand steadily even when play touch screen game
  • Includes free stylus
  • Integrated magnets in cover activate iPad mini’s sleep/wake function


  • Functionality: ★★★★★
  • Fashionable Design: ★★★★☆
  • Price: ★★★☆☆
  • Protection: ★★★★☆
  • Compatibility: ★★★★☆ (for iPad mini only)

    Further Information

  • OZAKI Website:
  • O!Coat Wisdom Website:
  • OZAKI on Facebook:
  • OZAKI on YouTube:
  • OZAKI Blog:

    Buy it on:
    Enjoy if you also like this new gift! ^_^

  • About ozakiverse

    OZAKI, a brand that dares to just be. Turing your tools into toys. Mission: OZAKI is the brand for people who are adventurous yet comfortable in their own skin, in the market to personalize their electronics with fun yet functional accessories Company Overview: At OZAKI, we make Apple accessories with an attitude. We don't believe in looking just like everyone else. Or trying too hard to be someone we're not. We want to give people the option to just be. That's why "Dare to Be" is our motto - and like all ways of liberation, it starts in the heard.


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