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Let’s Go Rock it: O!Coat FaaaaGaaaa – New OZAKI mobile case for iPhone 5 !


“We Will We Will Rock You!” Still looking for a good iPhone 5 casing? The wild style OZAKI O!Coat Faagaa can be your best choice to be stylish. With animal design in bear, sea otters, pig, crocodile, koala, seal and hill myna, it looks so cool and the thick rubber material could be also useful to protect your iPhone.

I just got this OZAKI O!Coat Faagaa last week. The Seal one looks good on my white iPhone 5. The special tongue design can make iPhone stand well on the table. (Vertical and Horizontal)

“Woops! What the ****!!!” Honestly, I drop my iPhone very often. I’m looking for a good casing for my new iPhone 5 for a while. OZAKI O!Coat Faagaa is the one to fit my need and it plays something interesting on its design. It’s fun, haha! We know OZAKI do has a very good quality on their Apple accessory on casing. Let my American Caption tell you how cool this casing is!


The face of the seal casing looks quiet as a good boy and the white color looks nice as well. Here comes the unboxing time!


The hard plastic packaging can be removed very easily. There are several accessories inside the package, including a screen cleaning fabric, OZAKI Facebook member card, and user manual.



There is a background sheet inside. Not sticker, you have to put it on the back site of iPhone first.



The new rubber casing looks perfect on my iPhone. Buzz Lightyear said the O!Coat Faagaa will protect iPhone 5 as he always do for earth. The trick will come up after pushing the tongue.



OZAKI O!Coat Faagaa made it interesting on my desk in office. Everyone laughing, haha! ^^


Even though the rubber part is thick, but still light.


“Welcome to my ZOO!” Except Seal design, you can also pick up other cute animal faces in different color. Come and invite your friends to go rock with you anytime!



The peach color also looks nice. I will pick it up as a gift to my girl friend.


“Let your favorite animal outcry for you!” It’s also fun on backside packaging design.


If you have time, don’t forget to become a fan of OZAKI on Facebook.
It looks really fun on OZAKI official Facebook fans page:
and their design team will share you the latest cool product news and something cool there.



The rubber tongue is not only for fun but also could be useful as a stand. You can put it in horizontal way for watching mobile TV or in a vertical way for browsing web pages.



O!Coat Faagaa ID design calculate the best angles for screen watching. It’s also very convenient for you to make it stand on your table, no miss call, and it is easy to see the popping message.


OZAKI design team keep winning Germany iF award every year. Very nice!




O!Coat Faagaa for me is very useful. It just matched Apple style with simple, stylish and fun. With satisfied quality and unique design, lots of people as me where did I get it these days.




O!Coat Faagaa for me is very useful. It just matched Apple style with simple, stylish and fun. With satisfied quality and unique design, lots of people as me where did I get it these days.

Seven cute animals shout out “FaaGaa” with you:
(1) hill myna
(2) seal
(3) koala
(4) crocodile
(5) pig
(6) sea otters
(7) bear




Expel your distraction in a stylish way, Let’s FAAGAA! OZAKI O!Coat FaaGaa colorful snap stand case for iPhone 5.

Have you ever been annoyed by someone while you are busy? Or been fed up with a talkative guy around you? OZAKI hears you and is now giving you a cool way to say ‘Don’t disturb.’ Now, you don’t have to be rough (rude) or saying the four-letter words, just take out our FaaGaa series coat, with its tongue sticking out of seven different animals, let’s stop those talking crows!

From the destruction of the environment and threat of human, animals have to leave their home to survive. But there is nothing they can do expect shouting, “FAAAGAAA” is the sound from animals that OZAKI named it. Facing the living threat as a brown bear? Or fight back the annoyed irritate as a cordial? Just sticking out your tongue as OZAKI O!Coat FaaGaa! (Bear, Sea otters, Pig, crocodile, koala, seal ,Hill myna)

OZAKI O!Coat FaaGaa colorful snap stand case for iPhone5 is the greatest healing product for you. Seven cute animal shapes can relieve your stress and be relaxed. Meticulous microfiber material provide excellent grip and prevent your iPhone5 to be damaged. The popping out tongue is going to be the stand of case, and keep your iPhone5 steady whatever upright or horizontally.


About ozakiverse

OZAKI, a brand that dares to just be. Turing your tools into toys. Mission: OZAKI is the brand for people who are adventurous yet comfortable in their own skin, in the market to personalize their electronics with fun yet functional accessories Company Overview: At OZAKI, we make Apple accessories with an attitude. We don't believe in looking just like everyone else. Or trying too hard to be someone we're not. We want to give people the option to just be. That's why "Dare to Be" is our motto - and like all ways of liberation, it starts in the heard.


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