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Stand, Power, and More. iSuppli Gramo, The Most Elegant iPhone Amplifier Ever.

I have bought lots of hot music on iTunes store. I like to listen to them via my iPhone when I am at office.

The retina display of Apple iPhone is amazing, but its mono speaker is awful and the volume is not loud enough for me, especially for music enjoyment.  I was looking for an iPhone stand that can be a power supply station and have an excellent sound experience with iPhone. Nevertheless, no one can meet my requirement because the design of stand is usually too ugly.

Today, my coworker gave me another cool alternative. She said that I would be amazed by the gramo why? Let’s unveil the true inside of OZAKI iSuppli Gramo, an iPhone power supply station with amplifier function.

The most special feature of iSuppli Gramo is that it can be used as an iPhone 4 / 4S stand and become a mobile sound system via its amplifier.

I chose the red one because it is really elegant but passion.

OK, let’s unbox it. There are some accessories inside the package, including iSuppli Gramo, user manual, and USB connection cables.

Why it is called iSuppli Gramo? OZAKI named it as gramo Because its gramophone-like product design. Moreover, the design has got the appreciation from Red Dot design award.

The stand supports iPhone 4 and 4S via Apple standard 30 pin slot. Also, the white part of the stand is to collect sound wave from the integrated speaker of iPhone 4/ 4S and amplify. According to OZAKI, iSuppli Gramo can boost the volume up to 15 dB.

iSuppli Gramo has an USB cable which can connect to USB port of computer and USB port on Apple AC charger, and it can charger your iPhone 4 / 4S. It is really convenient.

When I listen to music via iPhone 4 /4S, just put my iPhone into the slot of iSuppli Gramo and press the play button. After that, just enjoy the fascinating sound quality via iSuppli Gramo.

Since OZAKI use unique amplifying technology, iSuppli Gramo can amplify voice without additional power energy. This is a clever and Eco friendly design.

Thanks to the award wining design from OZAKI ID team, I can use Face Time with my clients in the office and without holding my iPhone. In addition to that, the voice is loud enough for conf-call.

Apple iPhone can be my portable theater, mobile game player, and video call, whatever I do because of OZAKI iSuppli Gramo. If you like to enjoy Rock music, iSuppli Gramo is also fantastic to do so. The sound is loud enough, the bass is powerful, and the sound range is wide. It is a perfect combination of fashionable design and functionality.


  • iPhone & iPod dock serves as a versatile and refined home base for charging and syncing
  • Connect the dock with the USB 2.0 cable to charge and sync with your computer
  • Connect the dock to charge your iPhone to an electrical outlet using a USB power adaptor (USB power adaptor not included)
  • Amplify voice of iPhone up to 15 dB.


  • Functionality: ★★★★☆
  • Price: ★★★☆☆
  • Design: ★★★★★
  • Compatibility: ★★★☆☆ (for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S)

Enjoy the toy. Thanks! ^_^

Buy it on:

About ozakiverse

OZAKI, a brand that dares to just be. Turing your tools into toys. Mission: OZAKI is the brand for people who are adventurous yet comfortable in their own skin, in the market to personalize their electronics with fun yet functional accessories Company Overview: At OZAKI, we make Apple accessories with an attitude. We don't believe in looking just like everyone else. Or trying too hard to be someone we're not. We want to give people the option to just be. That's why "Dare to Be" is our motto - and like all ways of liberation, it starts in the heard.


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