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OZAKI iCoat Color Enhancer Makes New iPad’s Retina Display more Lifelike!!!

Do you own the new iPad? I am really addicted to the new iPad because of the amazing Retina display. I like drawing, reading, and gaming with its beautiful display quality.

Nonetheless, there is a big problem. I am afraid of putting a screen protector on the beautiful IPS LCD panel because traditional screen film would make image on the display unclear. Is there any iPad screen protection film can protect the LCD without affecting the quality of colorful image?

I searched over the Internet, and I found an interesting solution finally.

OZAKI iCoat color enhancer is the one I am looking for. It is designed for color enhance of high definition display. That is to say, it can reinforce the color performance while protecting my iPad screen.

There is a small scraper on the pack. This is not a toy but a useful tool. We will find out that later.

As usual, OZAKI always offers tools such as cleaning tool kits and user manual for users to put the screen protector on without professional skills or experience.

OK, let’s do it. The first step is to clean the surface of new iPad screen using the cleaning tool kits.

If there is any small spot that you cannot swipe out, just use the removal sticker to remove it.

OK, let’s try the iCoat color enhancer on. I put this film on and attaché the screen from the bottom of iPad.

Next, I use my left hand hold the iPad on to prevent it from moving. Just pull the assistant film out slowly.

The screen protector is on the new iPad.

The next step is to remove another assistant sticker from it.

Just pull the assistant film out carefully.

It is done. Wow! My new iPad suddenly becomes brighter.

It is time to use the small but cute scraper.

It is show time! See! I can remove air bubbles inside the protection film easily using the small scraper.

Finally, I put the iCoat Color Enhancer on my new iPad. My new iPad becomes new again with the screen protector.

To compare the difference between iPad with traditional screen protector film and iPad with iCoat Color Enhancer, I brought my friend’s iPad and download the same page to do so. As you can see, the flowers are slightly dim.

On the other hand, you can see the color and the brightness of iPad with iCoat Color Enhancer are clearer than that with the other one. The shapes of the flowers are also sharper. It is really lifelike and amazing!

School, office, and library wherever I go. I do love reading and surfing on the Internet with the new iPad. Now, I can enjoy the full advantages of the fascinating Retina display because of iCoat Color Enhancer.

That is why OZAKI iCoat Color Enhancer screen protector can make new iPad’s Retina display lifelike.


  • None rainbow ring UV coating
  • Enhances your screen color performance
  • Ultra smooth scrolling
  • Easy clean with a quick wipe
  • Easy application
  • Residue free 


  • Performance: ★★★★★
  • Price: ★★★☆☆
  • Protection: ★★★★★
  • Compatibility: ★★★★☆ (Both for iPad2 and New iPad)

iCoat Color Enhancer on OZAKI:

If you have any idea about the iCoat Color Enhancer or inquiry, welcome to tell us.

Buy it on:

Enjoy the toy. Thanks! ^_^

About ozakiverse

OZAKI, a brand that dares to just be. Turing your tools into toys. Mission: OZAKI is the brand for people who are adventurous yet comfortable in their own skin, in the market to personalize their electronics with fun yet functional accessories Company Overview: At OZAKI, we make Apple accessories with an attitude. We don't believe in looking just like everyone else. Or trying too hard to be someone we're not. We want to give people the option to just be. That's why "Dare to Be" is our motto - and like all ways of liberation, it starts in the heard.


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