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New Arcade Game Review – A Magic Piano Games

There is a music dream in the people’s heart, include me…

I wanted to learn music since I was 7, but no chance to touch any piano key in school life. My friend and I often dream about to have a band belong to us, and enjoy playing music together. Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drum, melody and rhythm told a touching story to me when the music players were grooving.

Now I am still busy for life, and enjoyed music in bar off work, even play some arcade Games such as Guitar Hero. That is a good way to relaxing undoubtedly

I attended the CES 2015 in Las Vegas, and I saw a new arcade game on spot. It is a cool brand that designed lots of cool product, and this small piano game is their latest product for arcade lover.


One day, my friend shared a piano game trailer on my Facebook wall.


It is that small piano game I tried at CES!

After Watching a video Again

I made the order immediately and got it yesterday!


An attractive package design, and it was named Magic piano game!

I expected to open and play it right now!


O!arcade card

There was a small and beautiful card in package, and showed “dare to be “ , just follow the rule and win the small gift in their Facebook page


Small icon on edge of package


It awaked my music soul and image on playing piano. To challenge the Top 10 musician like Bach is an excited thing! And I am available to develop a lightning Finger!


Cool!It was really a delicate piano; I could hold it in my hand!


The Real Piano baking varnish brings a elegant style to me, and it was like a art work !


The Real piano touch feeling!!!



Textured iPhone stand , put iPhone on it to enjoy game .


Then, let me go to App store to install the Tinyband app , and awake this great piano . you can Play with iPhone or iPad.


Run the App and follow the introduction!

Two modes: challenge mode and jukeboxYour can choose any challenge 10 musician or favorite song to play



Just play any song you like from iTunes !


40 known songs you can enjoy, and keep unlocking the next level or get higher score! And you care available to share the accomplishment to friend as well .





If you love to play the real instrument game, maybe you should try this!

Lots of music will be ready for you, and you can choose any song in iTunes to play with the small piano .

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